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November 1, 2010
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Mon Nov 1, 2010, 10:49 AM

This "Journal Entry" contains information on commission work for Drake Tsui (Quirkilicious). The following will include commission status, prices, slots available, rules, contact info and other FAQ that may be required.


Format: Client name / Commission Type / Status

1. Zander-V / CG / NP


Format: Client name / Commission Type / Status



The following only applies if my commission status is "Open" or if my "Active" slots are not full, if you still wish to wait for a commission you can obtain a "Reserve" slot, please see the FAQ for more information

1. Submit the form at the bottom of this journal and await for a reply.
2. Once your commission is reviewed, final price may be discussed (only applies to CG commissions)
3. For Sketch commissions clients are required to pay up front, on the other hand, CG commission clients have the option of paying before or after their image is completed.
4. Your commission will go on the "Slot List", which is essentially a line-up.
5. (CG applicable only) A preliminary sketch of your commission will be sent to you once you're at the top of the slot list (Steps 4-5 are omitted if you get a "Sketch" commission).
6. (CG applicable only) I will need you to confirm the preliminary sketch before moving on to the final product of your commission. If the client fails to reply I will be forced to move on to others.
7. Client will receive a thumbnail-version of their final illustration, this is their last chance to have anything changed.
8. If everything goes according to plan, the final, full-size file of the illustration will be sent via Email once I've confirmed payment.


- All prices are in USD
- Prices all may vary based on character detail, be prepared to discuss
- Prices may also vary greatly based on background-work
- Additional characters in one illustration = +90%

Waist-up or Full body: $40
(Includes a copy of just the Lineart!)
Nadia by QuirkiliciousNadia BW by Quirkilicious
Alexandria by QuirkiliciousSlyph by QuirkiliciousJaxon by QuirkiliciousNaal'suul by QuirkiliciousNorthrop by QuirkiliciousFuriko by QuirkiliciousBrenna Warren by Quirkilicious

Head-shot: $100
Waist-up or Full-body: $300+
Nissa Revane by QuirkiliciousChandra Nalaar by QuirkiliciousTamiyo by QuirkiliciousLiliana Vess by Quirkilicious


- What form of payment do you accept?
PAYPAL, PAYPAL and more PAYPAL. That's it, sorry.

- How big are these illustrations and what file type are they?
File type is JPEG, and size varies greatly. I guess my standard would be 1700 x 2200 pixels (8.5'x11'' at 200 dpi, I also tend to work at 11'x17'' and 13'x19'' ), there's never a set size though. If there's a particular format you prefer let me know.

- How long does it take you to do a commission?
For the most part, it really, really depends on my current schedule so I highly suggest asking per commission if you're strained on time. I would like to mention that I work rather quickly so you won't be expecting a long wait if you're at the top of the slot-list.

- What sort of things can you illustrate?
Basically... anything? Haha, just ask!

- Sex? Nudity?
No on the sex, yes on the nudity. I'm okay with flaunting of the human body but I'm really not up for drawing any kind of porn. Sorry.

- How may I use my commissioned work or vice versa?
For the most part, I'm okay with the client doing whatever they want with their commissioned illustration as long as I am given credit. Also, I won't reproduce/sell prints of said work if the client chooses for me not to.

- How do "Reserve Slots" work?
If my Active slot list is full or my commission status is "Closed" and you still want to wait in line for a commission for when I'm available then you can obtain a place in the "Reserve slot"

If I note you on the Reserve list when it's your turn and the client fails to reply in a timely manner, he/she may lose their place in line and will not have the right to redeem priority.


Below is the submission form, I check my DA regularly so noting would probably be the best way of entering these although I do check my email as well. MSN is the only instant messenger I use, go ahead and add me along with your note/email.

Please keep descriptions as short and efficient as possible (preferably in point form)

Email & PAYPAL:

Sketch, Lineart or CG
Your name and contact info (DA, Email or MSN)
The name or title of the work, not mandatory.
Here you will provide a literal description of what you want your commissioned character to look like, of course, a visual reference would be great so throw links up as well.
If there's a certain personality, theme or feeling you want the illustration to show, let me know here.
For people who want something very specific. I can always come up with an idea based on the information filled above but if you had an idea that you would really like to be carried through, this is where it goes.

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Kolshio Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
i think i may be interested in this, have been for sometime actually
scarlettexashes Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013
Is commission slots still open? or a reserve list? :) 
Frostyfire12 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013
so if i wanted my head to be drawn on augmented singed's body (without the mask of course) how much will that cost me once you are able to do that ?
fahzbehn Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
Having not see any post in here for about a year, I recall that you did a Jace, Memory Adept as a woman. Do you have any interest in doing painted card alters, and, if so, how much would you charge for a similarly done alter on an actual card?
Quirkilicious Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
That's mostly cause commissions have been closed for about a year (been busy with contract studio work)

Something like the MTG illustrations is about $350 or more depending on the card :]
fahzbehn Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
I appreciate the honest answer. Way outside my price range for a card that will never be worth that. Thanks, though.
Sresla Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013
I know you're busy - which is a good thing - but I'm dying for you to re-open commissions. If you see me zombified on the next episode of Walking Dead, you'll know why!
erikrosado18 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
this is erik rosado my DA name is erikrosado18
title : you can make up the character's name
type: sketch
description: the description is basically a version of me as a character in your manga SIN ill send a picture of myself
personality: the character is basically a nerdy version of me but you can see he is goofy or clumsy,but when he has to fight his personality switches from clumsy to a cold hearted killer.
the pose can be anything that just shows his personality.
thank you for your time
erikrosado18 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
i want a sketch :) willing to pay ASAP im a big fan of your art and manga SIN my sketch is actually something related to your i hope i can get it done when you are available
Cat-Tastic-Luv Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am planning on asking for a sketch commission (I will have a final answer to "yes" or "no" sometime tommorrow), but what I was wondering is how much for two characters in one pic.? That is all I would like to ask, but if I can commission you I'll note you sometime. :)
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